Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Exciting news!

Wow! I've just been asked by a good friend if I would like to teach a workshop to 100 people!!! (Not all at once I hasten to add, I will probably teach the same workshop about 8 times). How exciting! My profession is teaching in childcare not card making so this is a great opportunity. I made a 'Thank You' card a few weeks ago with an embossing folder and used this with acetate which created a really nice effect (especially once all the glitter was added). It is currently displayed in my friend's craft shop so I'm going there tomorrow so that I can remember how I made it. Then I just need to emboss onto acetate 100 times to make up the packs ready for the workshop! Wish me luck, ha ha! I'll post some photographs soon. That's all for now, join me tomorrow when I will hopefully have a card to share with you. x


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